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An intense work environment requires a suitable chair that can endure any work setting. Our Unix Control chairs are characterised as heavy duty and have been AFRDI tested and approved. From its back to its base and castors, they are highly resistant to severe working environments and can withstand up to 160kg (depending on each chair weight rating).

Whether you are seeking ultimate comfort, better posture support, or superior adjustability, Unix Solutions offers an exclusive range of 24/7 Control Room Office chairs that will not only suit your intense work environment but also elevate its look and style.

All our Control chairs are extremely comfortable and are used all day in the office and home spaces. Our Control chairs come in different fabric and Polyurethane (PU) colours including Orange, Maroon, Blue, Grey, and Green. We upholster our chairs right here in Australia with love and care to suit Australian standards and taste.


What is a Control Room chair?

A Control room chair is designed for users who remain seated for prolonged hours. A good control room chair features an extra back and seat cushion for enhanced comfort, durable PU armrests for better lateral support, and standard features such as adjustable height, tilt, and back adjustments. They are more durable and used for extreme conditions when compared to regular office chairs.

Ideal for security and police officers, call center operators, and government workers!


What to Look for in a Control Room Chair

  • Extremely Rigid and Well-Built Frame
  • Heavy Duty Weight Rating up to 160 kg
  • Ultimate Back and Seat Cushion Comfort
  • Excellent Posture Support
  • Fits perfectly the height of a desk
  • Easy Adjustability – Forward and Backward tilt, Adjustable Height and Back
  • Smooth swivel and glide
  • Allow users to sit and get up from the chair easily and quickly


What are the different types of Unix Control Room chairs?

Unix Solutions offer a wide range of Control chairs suitable for different intense environments. Our options range from a breathable heavy-duty Control Mesh chair to a High Back Ergonomic Control chair. You will be surprised at our wide range of offerings with custom colours of your choice!


What are the benefits of Unix Control Room chairs?

  • Excellent Posture and Seating Support (High, Medium and Mesh Backs)
  • Extra Plush Cushioning for Longer Meetings
  • Adjustable Soft PU Padded Arms and AFRDI Chrome Base
  • A Wide Range of Styles and Colours
  • Easy Adjustability for enhanced seating comfort
  • Ergonomically Fit to your body type
  • Promotes Enhanced Productivity and Focus
  • Modern Designs that elevate any meeting rooms


Are Unix Control Room chairs comfortable?

When it comes to comfort and durability, our Control chairs certainly ticks the two boxes. Not only the breathable soft-padded upholstery promotes better posture and seating comfort, other components such as control and gas lift are also AFRDI-tested and certified and can endure up to 160kg depending on each chair.

You can rest assured that your Unix Control chair is safe, highly secure, and long lasting.


Why Choose Unix Control Room chairs?

FAST DELIVERY with Multiple Delivery Options

We stock a wide range of Unix Control chairs ready for immediate dispatch. 

 ✔ NO TOOLS REQUIRED – 5-Second Assembly!

Most of our chairs are No Tools Required and can be assembled easily and quickly without any fuss. Check out our No Tools Required Chairs >


The majority of our chairs and components are AFRDI-Tested and Approved to make sure you are getting the high-quality and long-lasting chair you deserve! Browse our AFRDI Certified Chairs >


We upholster our chairs right here in Australia with love and care to suit Australian standards and taste.


We offer longer warranty years because we believe our chairs are of utmost quality and they are built to last! 


For more customisable options of Task chairs, we offer Build Your Own > feature that includes all colours, a variety of seat sizes, and suitable weight load.


Check out our other Chair Ranges here:


At Unix Solutions, we strive to offer you the best experience and high-quality chairs to suit your needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or chat with our live agents! Happy Shopping with Unix!

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