Up to 15 Year Warranty

Up to 15 Year Warranty
Up to 15 Year Warranty

Shop Up to 15 Year Warranty Office Chairs Online Australia

Unix Up to 15 Year Warranty Range is a compilation of popular chairs with different styles, colours, and most importantly, up to 15 years warranty. Unix chairs are ready for quick dispatch from our warehouse!

Whether you are seeking ultimate comfort, better posture support, or superior adjustability, Unix Solutions offers an exclusive range of Up to 15 Years Warranty Chairs that will not only suit your office space but also elevate its look and style. And best of all, longer warranty years for your peace of mind!

Save more on longer-warranted Unix chairs and stay comfortable longer!


Why Choose Unix Up to 15 Years Warranty chairs?

FAST DELIVERY with Multiple Delivery Options

We stock a wide range of Unix Up to 15 Years Warranty chairs ready for immediate dispatch. 

 ✔ NO TOOLS REQUIRED – 5-Second Assembly!

Most of our chairs are No Tools Required and can be assembled easily and quickly without any fuss. Check out our No Tools Required Chairs >


The majority of our chairs and components are AFRDI-Tested and Approved to make sure you are getting the high-quality and long-lasting chair you deserve! Browse our AFRDI Certified Chairs >


We upholster our chairs right here in Australia with love and care to suit Australian standards and taste.


We offer longer warranty years because we believe our chairs are of utmost quality and they are built to last! 


For more customisable options of Task chairs, we offer Build Your Own > feature that includes all colours, a variety of seat sizes, and suitable weight load.


Check out our other Chair Ranges here:


At Unix Solutions, we strive to offer you the best experience and high-quality chairs to suit your needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or chat with our live agents! Happy Shopping with Unix!

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